The Best Matcha Green Tea Powder

The origin and staying power of matcha green tea powder is as impressive as the health benefits of the tea itself; derived from the Tang Dynasty in ancient China. The intricate process of producing matcha tea begins during the growing process, as young gyokuro tea bushes are purposely shaded from the sun. This technique produces the highest concentration of amino acids contained within the resulting deep green leaves and buds. After a thorough drying process, and before being stone-ground into a fine powder, the leaves and buds are de-veined and de-stemmed.

Health Benefits of The Best Matcha Green Tea Powder 

This fine tea powder provides the highest concentration of the antioxidant ECGC available on the tea market today. When the body’s system incorporates antioxidants, they respond by eliminating dangerous levels of cell-damaging free radicals. Cancer causing free radicals are capable of damaging as well as destroying healthy cells, making this concentrated tea an effective cancer-fighting agent. This amazing natural product provides a variety of other benefits.

  • The tea promotes a much higher metabolism rate resulting in optimal calorie burning levels.
  • The amino acids found in only the best matcha green tea powder reduces stress levels.
  • This healthy product does not affect delicate insulin levels.
  • The tea powder provides increased stamina and boosts energy levels.
  • Matcha tea has been proven to effectively reduce harmful cholesterol levels.
  • Due to the slow growing process, the tea powder includes high levels of the purifying agent chlorophyll; an excellent natural detoxifier.

Versatile Uses 

Matcha Powder - GreenThe country of Japan adopted the healthy tea powder in 1191 and has incorporated it into their daily regimens for many centuries. The mild and subtly sweet flavor of the tea provides numerous versatile uses in delicious recipes. The fine-grain powdered texture makes it perfect for blending into lattes, frozen drinks, and healthy smoothies as well as mixing into foods such as yogurt. The sweet flavor provides a wonderful baking ingredient easily blended into an assortment of batter mixtures such as cakes and cookies. 

 After initial introduction of only the best matcha green tea powder to the rest of the globe, it has rapidly become a favorite selection for many establishments. Health food stores now carry the powdered tea for individual and economy size use; health clubs and gyms keep an inventory to ensure they meet the growing demands of their customer base. Eating establishments are now enjoying the popularity of the healthy tea. Easily blended into solids many restaurants and bakeries offer the substance in desserts such as ice cream, sweet sauces and pies along with an assortment of other decadent delights. 

The tea powders versatility includes incorporating spices and salt substitutes into the grain and using it in an endless assortment of entrees. Demonstrating various possibilities includes using the powder as an ingredient in alcoholic beverages as well. Quickly becoming a steady favorite request, many bar and cocktail lounges now offer alcoholic beverages made with only the best matcha green tea powder. Also used as a healthy alternative for coloring, the tea powder blends into the production of processed foods such as noodles and pasta.

 Powder Grades and Types

  • Ceremonial Grade – This is the highest grade of grain and is primarily used in respected Japanese religious ceremonies.
  • Premium Grade – This grade is blended into beverages.
  • Ingredient Grade – A favorite grade for use in baking and cooking.

Tea powder labeled matcha includes two types; Koicha produces a thicker consistency and Usucha, which produces a thinner consistency. 

Tin of green tea matcha powderOnly the best matcha green tea powder incorporates the health benefits found in this particular product. The term “matcha” refers to the specific process of the powder found in this particular tea. Creating what would qualify for master blend involves the intricate production started during the growing process and ending with the stone-grinding process. 

When purchasing the powder it is important to remember – development of only the best matcha green tea powder uses this ancient procedure and it is this unique process classifying it matcha (master blend). Any tea powder not exposed to this specific process is ineligible for carrying the ancient and prestigious title of matcha.

Photo credit to Steenbergs